Greg Peterson – Director of Web Innovation

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Greg Peterson – Director of Web Innovation

web developmentGreg serves as the Digital Innovation Manager at Bevelwise. which means he heads up our  web development team (AKA the most talented group of developers on the planet) and UX teams and works closely with our clients to craft effective technical strategies and end-to-end experiences that span devices and technologies. Starting out his professional career in design, Greg discovered a natural talent and passion for programming. The internet allowed him to fuse the two disciplines and he has been creating innovative online, mobile and cross-channel experiences for fortune 50 companies like Kraft and Proctor & Gamble and others ever since. Greg is an established leader that can run any type or size of project across the ever changing landscape of platforms and devices. With deep roots into the enterprise he also brings the experience to integrate projects seamlessly into the existing corporate systems of Bevelwise’s clients. His role as project manager means keeping everyone on track and hitting deadlines.

Typical of the entire Bevelwise team, Greg combines great creative ideas with a practical approach that gets the job done and he takes great satisfaction in turning client needs and ideas into online experiences that exceed them.
Outside of work Greg spends as much time as he can with his wife Amy and two daughters, Katrina and Madeline. As his family has grown, he has traded the raw horse power of high-performance cars and motorcycles for actual horses as his two daughters compete in Equestrian Sports. He has also gone in a decidedly more environmentally friendly direction with transportation, riding a bicycle to work on most days.
Greg is an avid builder and tinkerer with many electronic and mechanical projects underway at any given time.

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