Jim Barry – Principal / Digital Strategist

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Jim Barry – Principal / Digital Strategist

Jim Barry is the driving force behind Michigan’s Bevelwise and the passion behind its claim to offer a ‘different kind of experience’ with an advertising/marketing company.  Everyday, Jim utilizes his digital marketingmarketing expertise to advise clients, especially in digital marketing and analytics. He understands the full range of marketing and strategy, but has focused primarily with web marketing strategies, online media planning, search engine marketing (SEM), paid search advertising (PPC), website optimization (SEO) and most recently Social Media Marketing. He is 100% focused on helping clients measure the return-on-investment (ROI) from any marketing / advertising dollars they spend by creating the proper media mix for them to generate the results each clients wants and needs.

After spending several years in the Fortune 500 market in management, sales, and marketing, he branched out and became an early adopter of the online marketing principles for both company exposure and marketing through online media, search engines and email.  Jim can always be heard telling prospects, “Its not about trying to sell you something, it’s about helping you become more effective and accomplish goals you might not have thought were possible – but you also have to be ready for the help,”

digital marketingBeing a Type A and sales-oriented by nature, two minutes can digital marketingeasily turn into ten minutes once you get him started so be careful when asking questions. Seriously though, Jim is the marketing visionary with the ideas and focus to help clients connect with their desired audiences more effectively and with higher ROI than ever before.

A graduate of both Michigan State University (BA) and Davenport University (MBA) he looks for any opportunity to support furthering education in the lives of young adults and sharing his experience as a marketer and entrepreneur. He also takes every opportunity he can to coach and support the local community and his church – paying it forward is something he believes in.digital marketingdigital marketingdigital marketing

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