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David McCord – Creative Director

digital mediaDavid is the bevelwise Creative Director.  He is a master at visual communications, digital illustration, digital media, advertising, website design, and many other creative design solutions. He also does traditional forms of advertising: catalogs, brochures, print advertising, specialties, direct-mail and merchandising.  Check out David’s work in our bevelwise digital illustration portfolio.

He draws inspiration from the great and the obscure in the history of applied arts — both commercial art and technical documentation — as well as by great inventors, engineers and innovators. This includes outstanding creative geniuses from DaVinci to Disney – many that most people never heard of.  In other words, he’s ‘very deep’ and fascinated by the geometry of Universe and “isomorphic aesthetics” (right).

David’s family consists of wife Annette, who is “more talented than she thinks”; their eldest, Amanda, and her husband Ryan with their four daughters; younger daughter Colleen (who is embarking on her own graphic design career) and her husband Jeremiah; and Joe, an Eagle Scout, too smart for his own good, and “looking for work”.

David likes to watch classic sci-fi or read historical fact and fiction while ignoring his “wellness diet” with strawberry shortcake or a plate of spam-and-yams (a what?). “Music is a great passion for me (playing guitars, singing, or just listening) and I also enjoy being outdoors – with Boy Scouts, historical re-enactors, or just alone in the woods.”

David’s Favorite Sayings:
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein
“I think we’re all bozos on this bus.” — The Firesign Theatre, from album of the same name.
“Make love, not war” — Aristophanes, in Lysistrata, circa A.D.450
“The opposite of evil is not good; the opposite of evil is holiness.” — Rabbi Abraham Heschel
“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After elightenment, chop wood, carry water.”— Zen proverb
“Preach the Gospel at all times — and when necessary use words.” — St. Francis of Assisi
“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” — R. Buckminster Fuller, 1968
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” —Arthur C. Clarke, “Profiles of The Future”, 1961
“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” — Yeshua Ben Yosef (c. 4 B.C. – A.D. 32 ) as reported in the Gospel of Matthew 22:21

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