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Wolverine Building Group has a strong reputation for turning bold blueprints into stunning structures. With so many successes to showcase and great potential for a wide variety of projects, they needed strong representation in the digital space.

Wolverine Building Group offers numerous services and has experience working with projects ranging from constructing large commercial buildings, to developing community parks and trails. We knew we would need to strategically organize these projects and services to creatively depict Wolverine’s work. While pictures are worth a thousand words and display the excellent projects that Wolverine has completed, we needed to reach the target audience by incorporating optimized content into the site design.

The Work

Wolverine Building Group offers customers the most reliable and efficient building solutions for their specific needs. We, in turn, did the same for Wolverine. We built upon their digital presence with dynamic content areas, created a mobile responsive design, added high-quality imagery and constructed search engine optimized content. Rich website design architecture reflects the rich designs that Wolverine creates.

When Wolverine’s audience comes to their site, they are likely looking for a specific project type. Bevelwise created a custom project filter, allowing users to find specific examples of the type of work that they’re looking for. The individual project pages feature image carousels, project information, and suggestions for related projects. Users can dynamically filter through categories, and then see high-quality documentation of previous projects completed by Wolverine.


The Results

Bevelwise built all of these elements in so Wolverine Building Group would have website design with modern visual appeal for any device, functions that are both practical and sustainable, and content that ties it all together. We used each of these key concepts to fuel achievement of the business’ goals and objectives, built with flexibility and accountability in mind so Wolverine Building Group could always assess and adjust to maximize their return on investment. They say teamwork makes the dream work, and that definitely was the case for the Wolverine Building Group website development.

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