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T-H Marine Supplies began serving the marine industry in 1975. To this day, they operate as a family business closely tied to fishing and boating on an individual level, but quite a bit has changed since their start – especially in the world of marketing.

In 2010, when it became clear T-H Marine needed an expanded online presence, they picked Bevelwise as their partner. The result has been significant growth for them and an expansion of our partnership, too.

There are always challenges to any project, however. For T-H Marine, this meant working within their distribution channels while also helping them OWN their brand so it is recognizable at the consumer level. Our team at Bevelwise helped them find ways to balance the fact that they sell mainly through retailers and distributors. Largely, this meant helping them build an audience of people who love the brand, even if those customers don’t buy directly from their website.

Now positioned as a global brand, where you can find their products in retail outlets throughout the world, we’re excited to tell you about how T-H Marine has made waves digitally.

The Work:

Without a doubt, T-H Marine’s leaders never seem to be idling for long. They are always making moves and we have enjoyed helping them, too – complementing their objectives with our marketing expertise. Specifically, this has meant guiding and facilitating design for two versions of their website, performing mobile upgrades, integrating five companies they have acquired, and content marketing to boost their brand.

On the tactical side, our role has expanded to include assisting with content, social media, email, online media, search marketing, search engine optimization, and many other areas as needs or ideas have come up. Whatever the circumstances over the years, it has been a pleasure to work within a mutual system of listening and exchanging input, suggestions, advice, and ideas.

T-H Marine
T-H Marine
T-H Marine

The Results:

Web Traffic

They have seen their sessions go from 65,000 annually to about 65,000 monthly (yes MONTHLY) sessions (during the summer season). Looking closer at the data, it shows they are reaching over 50,000 visitors per month and over 250,000 page views. These are impressive numbers considering thmarine.com is not truly an “eCommerce” site. Despite how T-H Marine products are sold through retailers and distributors and not directly, consumers still interact with the brand and visit the T-H Marine site.


As an example in the first year we took over social, we took them from 16,000 to 21,000 likes as compared to only 1,000 that added in the year when they did it in house. We have also driven around 13,000 social media clicks to the website in the last year and Facebook traffic has become the #1 referral source for new users on their website.  They now regularly get over 1,000 visitors to their website per month from social.


As they turned over their content to us in 2015 for Blogging and Social Media, they have seen their domain authority climb higher than it has been and their Google organic traffic surpass 35,000 monthly visits.  Their home page is still number one for visits, but their products make up two of the top five spots. Two more specific product categories account for the other two of the top five most viewed pages, and given that this is atypical yet desirable, this is quite an accomplishment.  Organic ranks have also been driven to Page 1 in their most desired product categories and top five in several of these.

Overall Performance

They have seen their revenues nearly double since we started working with them back in 2010. When you drill it down, T-H Marine has seen increasing annual revenue averaging around 10-20% growth consistently each year while partnering with us to help their digital presence. In raw numbers, they are now about EIGHT figures in annual revenues higher than they were when we started with them. Now those are results!

To keep this trending in the right direction, we continually work with them to come up with new ideas, strategy, and improvement for their digital presence. This means involvement and collaboration between several of our teams, all with their own specializations. We are happy to report how our initial efforts and regular attention continue to provide a great pay-off for T-H Marine.

We encourage you to check out the T-H Marine Website.

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