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Ryder’s Supply Chain Solutions – Blogging Case Study on the Value of Content

In 2011, Ryder Supply Chain Solutions was in the process of acquiring once of our marketing clients, Total Logistics Control (TLC) out of Holland, Michigan, and we were engaged initially to help with the transfer of digital marketing assets.  In the process of that acquisition, they discovered that TLC actually had more web traffic than expected based on the traffic that Ryder had to their website. The fact we were the ones helping TLC with their digital strategy opened a HUGE door for us.  They engaged us to help with their content and web presence and it has turned into a blogging case study.

They wanted to do more with content marketing and were very interested in blogging.  However, their primary web platform (Content Management System – CMS) was the enterprise version of Sitecore, but Sitecore could not do what we wanted to do very cost effectively and was very complex for it to be a practical CMS to do their blogging on so Ryder decided that the blog would be on a separate CMS – in this case WordPress – and that it would be its own website, currently housed on http://blog.ryder.com and they have been a content/blogging/web client ever since.

The Work:

A significant portion of our work has involved contributions to copy and increasing the performance of the Ryder Blog. This includes writing, editing, posting, and search engine optimization. Ryder has also leaned on our website expertise. In this capacity, we have enjoyed designing, building, revising and updating the blog since they first established it in 2012.

We have performed two major overhauls to the look, features, usability and user experience since the site was first-built. One of those was primarily driven by making it more mobile-friendly. The other was completely driven by improving the reader and visitor experience.

It is a particular pleasure to point to Ryder as an example because they continue to invest in their digital presence. They recognize how their online presence is helping them achieve results and the importance the blog now plays in their content strategy, reach, community-building, and position as a thought-leader in the logistics industry. Because of the significance of content, we have taken a back seat to internal Ryder people writing and posting, but we still support them on a regular basis with upgrades, improvements and strategy.

Blogging Case Study
Blogging Case Study
Blogging Case Study
Blogging Case Study

The Results:

This is an example of the perfect business case to be made for content marketing for any size of company. Some of the most viewed posts for this blog, written and posted in 2012-2014 still help drive them hundreds to thousands of sessions per month because Google ranks those posts in the top 3 (a post from 2014 averages 2500 page views per month on its own and Google Analytics tracks that almost all of those visits are the page that a visitor enters the blog from).  Their content has become a long term company asset and very important to helping establish their leadership in the logistics industry.  Typically HALF of their top 25 most viewed pages (if you were to look at a monthly report from last month) would be from posts that were made as far back as 2012 and not even from the current calendar year.

Due to the success they have seen and from it’s importance in their sales cycle, lead generation, and branding efforts, there are now 450+ posts on the blog.  Those posts now generate and average 12,000+ sessions to the blog every month (for 2016), with over 15,000 page views and over 1000 “subscribers” to their blog.  Some of their most viewed blog posts are responsible for driving dozens of leads per year leading to several million in sales and it is an important part of helping nurture potential clients and value adding to their relationships.


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