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Email marketing must be specific and stand out to hit the mark. Many businesses use this medium because it is simple, it takes little time and is an affordable way to market yourself in your industry. At Bevelwise, we recommend you be intentional with your email marketing strategy. Gain and use the knowledge you gain about your customer. Their clients, interests, previous product purchases and capitalize on that data. If you can segment your list into customer type or interest types, and tailor the message, your results will be much greater than a “catch all” email. Effective email marketing is done with intent (unless you use incentives for them to take action. Like a buy one, get one, or 50% off your entire purchase or something).

Email Marketing with a Purpose

Every email requires thought, detail and a goal in order for it to work for you on a regular basis. If people do not find value in your email promotions it will not take long for them to start tuning you out and not even open them anymore.

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