When Might You See Business Ratings in Facebook Ads?

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Posted on July 12, 2017bevelwise

When Might You See Business Ratings in Facebook Ads?

Business ratings in facebook ads

Although we have not yet seen the reviews in Facebook ad previews or in ads on our newsfeeds, the changes should be imminent. Per Facebook, the beta test was slated to start on April 24, 2017, with the announcement coming a few days prior. The test is then set to conclude on June 24, 2017. For your edification (and amusement), the image here is a mock-up of what we think we might be seeing.

Why is this the First I’m Hearing About it?

If you didn’t receive the email, don’t worry. Facebook is doing this test on a limited basis and they have put in some controls to filter who would have ratings in their ads. Also keep in mind that not every business will get this new feature, even if they meet requirements mentioned here.

Since this is a beta test, only a fraction of qualified businesses will get the added feature and Facebook’s announcement says the ratings section will only appear on a small percentage of the ads run by a business.

Star Ratings and Business Reviews Matter More and More

Facebook identified high marks as one of the first criteria, so this underscores the importance of inspiring good Facebook reviews.

Per Facebook, “Star ratings will only appear when the average star rating is four stars or higher”. Additionally, a business must have at least five reviews.

Why is Facebook Doing this Beta Test?

Facebook says their goal is to determine if showing business ratings (good ones, at least) increases conversions from ads.

It is possible that the star rating will have no effect at all, but we are predicting it will have a positive effect. For what it’s worth, Google has already incorporated star ratings extensively in its search engine, and in AdWords ads, but ad managers can select from a number of sources when incorporating ratings. Facebook is taking a bit of a different approach to the rating system with ads.

It seems to be a positive approach to it though, especially given the platform’s already-seamless use of locations and business reviews. We’re not sure we could put the same positive spin on Google My Business reviews and widespread use by everyday users.

How to Turn the Facebook Review Experiment Off for your Ads

If for some reason you need to stop the Facebook star reviews from showing on your Facebook ads, Facebook makes sure to cover that.

The following comes straight from Facebook: “You can manage your participation in this beta test at any time by editing the ‘Star Rating Experiment’ setting. The setting is only available on the Facebook desktop website; it is not available on Facebook mobile applications.”

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