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Use Brillevents to put on events, seminars, training sessions for your distributors, retailers, customers and prospects

Brillevents is Web Application Developed by Bevelwise

Brillevents provides a way to manage all of these registrations via the Internet while providing online registration, online surveys and tracking of attendees and results. Regardless of the size or frequency of your event(s), Brillevents will help you plan, save hours managing, increase event attendance, automate payment, and track valuable data.

Brillevents Overview Sheet – (Click to view)

With this revolutionary tool, you can now automate, centralize, and historically track your attendees and survey responses. You can customize survey questions for before and after seminars or as part of the registration. Required registration fields are set up dynamically and can change from event to event. You can have online on-site registration as well as long as you have Internet access. If payment is required, we can link to your credit card processing page or merchant provider in order to receive payment. Credit card processing through Brillevents equals more automation and less labor for you.

Brillevents allows you to simultaneously manage as many events, surveys, and registrations as you need. Reporting features track attendees by company, name, event or any combination of these. You will have permanent history to refer to and tailor your future sales and marketing efforts based on their actual data and their preferences. Whether you have 15, 150, 1500, or 15,000 attendees/registrations or survey recipients, Brillevents will help you. Save time, automate processes, and add value for you and your attendees through this unique program. You will have permanent history of event attendance to refer to and tailor your future sales and marketing efforts based on their attendance data and their preferences.

Receive email confirmation of pre-registrations and survey completions with the ability to import that information into CRMs and other databases. Brillevents makes your events less work while adding value for everyone involved. With just a one time cost of $5,695 and $39/mo for hosting, it is affordable for everyone and can be used for every event from this point forward. You can add a “members” module to remember your users/members for easier registration for events and surverys for about $1,900 more. If you add eCommerce for online payment with registration, add approximately $2,850 more one time and $10/mo more for host SSL secure payment. Note: you will need a merchant account for the eCommerce option.

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