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Enterprise Website Development & Methodology

When you work on enterprise website development projects, they are a different type of engagement than just building a website. Anybody can build a website right? Creating your experience takes expertise, strategy, and an understanding of why something should be done a certain way. There actually is enterprise website development methodology that is used when working with larger sites and companies. Making a larger web project successful takes creative thinkers, content experts, data analysts, problem solvers and a team of experts that continue to evolve skill sets, do research, and be guided by experience.

It’s finding that strategy partner like us, who work beside you to help you determine and execute the best possible solution(s) for your needs, goals, etc. We view it like this  – you are an expert in your field and we are in website design, development, and strategy. As we engage and collaborate, that shared knowledge  influences the solution that is decided upon. We ask a lot of questions to make sure we fully understand your opportunity before we get into defining the best solution. Let’s take a look at how our process and this partnership typically works:


We can help you determine what your goals should be, through analytics analysis, data you have, and even work to gather more information before you make those decisions. Things like interviewing customers, visitors, prospects, staff, about what they are looking for and how you can better serve your customers. All while becoming more efficient and making your website/strategy more of an asset than a “marketing tool”. We can apply that research and strategy to lay the foundation for your user experience, interface design, development, and even creation of content – taking into account search indexiblity and SEO. Frankly, we always make sure we design and develop a solution that supports the goals of your users and your business and learns from available previous experience ofyour team, performance and analytics data.


We design website pages, user interfaces, navigation and information  to flow seamlessly for all users (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc). Every website we design is what is known as responsive – so your website, content, and navigation adapt automatically to all different screen sizes. This helps your visitors and users experience your site in a way that’s optimized for the device they’re using.  Doing this right can make a big difference to performance.


Content is the one of the main driving factors of an enterprise website, you will hear us say “content is king” and keep in mind it is the main piece of effective SEO strategy. How content is presented goes a long way to making an application or user experience be it’s best as well. A lot of clients simplify this. They use what they have for 5 years or think what they have is good enough. That simply is not the case. Good content can make performance great. We include helping with content on any enterprise website project. We provide copy writing and editing guidance and execution when you need it.  We can help with determining your overall “voice and tone” as well as help you determine visual strategy for content images, maximize SEO principles and help develop an ongoing content strategy for your website.


We develop websites and applications using the latest techniques for front-end development and trusted technologies for content management systems and any custom coding or  integrations that your needs require. We are familiar with several platforms, including multi-site ones. We tend to stick to open-source foundations so you are never locked into a box and it can scale as your needs change over time. We also tend to work with content management systems that are simple to use so you need less technical resources and support.

Project Management

Every enterprise website development project as a couple of “project managers” from our team. Some projects have a contact for front end (design/content) and a back end (technical/coding). Our project managers will help outline the plan for implementation, define milestones, facilitate collaboration and be there for questions when you have them. You have a job to do and it is not building websites so we bring our vast experience of building them to help properly set expectations, keep things moving and to make sure that your objectives are met.  This includes answering questions, providing updates, and organizing the details that help you know the current status of your website build.

Analytics/Data Analysis

We will help you customize and  configure things like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  We will help you determine key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you monitor your performance against goals and actions you want to measure.  Frankly, the launch is just the beginning for the enterprise website; making adjustments based on data is an important part to the long term success for your website.  You will hear us say, done right, it should be the best company asset you have because it never leaves, never takes vacation and works 365/24/7 globally on your behalf.  We will help determine tools to help improve it – like heat mapping, inbound funnels, and customer support integration so it becomes real time research and feedback.  It all about setting up insights, reports, and tools to help you see what’s working, identify ways to improve, and guide the long-term optimization of your site.

Ongoing Web Support/Maintenance

A website is almost a living, breathing thing.  Along the lines of the above paragraph, it should be the best company asset you have.  Sure, the “launch” is fun and exciting, but it’s only the beginning of your website’s value and potential for your company.  Staying  involved with you for the first 30-45 days or so after launch to assist you is always included with a project like this.  Typically, we do not have a lot of “bug fixes” either because our quality assurance, and user acceptance testing as part of the process squashes those.

After 30 days, we can be there as an ongoing resource for technical needs, upgrades, content, needs, SEO, and reporting if you would like.  Proactive care, support, and maintenance agreements further ensure your website reaches is maximum value for your investment and remains stable, healthy, optimized to latest trends and algorithms.

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