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Competitive Analysis – Strengths & Weaknesses

competitive analysis Who Are You Competing With? With websites continuously getting bigger and better, it is crucial to distinguish where you fit among your competitors. A thorough competitive analysis establishes your strengths, weaknesses, your industry norms for traffic and revenue, and gives you data to use for competitive intelligence.

Performing a competitor analysis helps determine a strategic plan by assessing strengths and weaknesses. This assessment allows us to define what makes your company, service, and/or products unique, making you stand out from the competition, right where you belong.

A common flaw is to assume that if someone is selling the same product or service, that they are a competitor. But who are you actually competing with? For top ranks, you could be competing with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Would you consider them your competition?

This analysis will determine your actual competition, what mediums they do and do not utilize, what keywords they are ranking for.  Then we will help you innovate, create, and update so your “competition” will take notice.  Why follow when you don’t have to?


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