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Analytics Data Tells Us A Lot and Helps Drive Ongoing Results.

Analytics-audience-insightStrategy and Analytics are the tools that form the foundation for any digital marketing program. Using marketing data and competitive insights drawn from a variety of possible sources, we’ll identify goals, pick appropriate metrics, and monitor those metrics to ensure that your campaigns are on track.

Who is making their way to your site and who you are trying to attract can be two very different demographics. Let us help shed some light on who your audience is and/or could be. While we don’t know their name and address, we use analytics and audience insight tools to research as many details about a target audience as we can. The more we know, the more we can customize an integrated marketing plan for your business – turning targeted strangers into visitors and leads.

You want results from your website.  Whether that is better keyword rankings, increased traffic, more form submissions, more eCommerce sales, a better conversion rate and more than likely a combination of those things, we work with you to achieve your marketing goals. We’ll help you attain those goals with a combination of proven on-site and off-site online marketing tactics.

By improving user experience, developing content, cleaning up code, adjusting SEM/PPC efforts (or starting them), and expanding your reach, we’ll help raise your online visibility and credibility.  We will constantly work with you to elevate your digital footprint through the right mix of marketing services. We want to increase your site’s long term value as a recognized brand and ultimately lead/sales generation tool.

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