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“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” —Erik Qualman

Social media has become the best place to meet your audience, online and offline. With over a billion daily active users across the most popular social media channels, we help businesses use social media in a way that provides real value. Both paid and organic methods allow businesses to share their brand with current and potential customers.

social media marketing

Your company’s brand advocates are already on social media, creating the opportunity to strategically target them with unique messages – promoting brand awareness and driving traffic to your site. Advertising on social media allows you to reach an audience based on demographics, interests what they are talking about with their connections. Ads on social media are integrated into organic content, increasing the click-through rate and engagement of your message.

Customer service has moved from in-store conversations to users turning to social media to express their concerns and experiences. We create customized plans for companies to engage with their customers, turning them from strangers to loyal brand advocates.

Social media campaigns allow a company to promote products, services or upcoming events. These planned campaigns can spread across a number of different channels, site content as well as external media outlets. Our social media and content specialists understand there is far more to social media than cat videos and food pictures.

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