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Small business owners and local businesses know better than anyone the importance of Local SEO and achieving visibility in search engines as a tool to help drive them business. Google, Bing and Yahoo have continued to place more emphasis on local listings in search results and frankly have started to change how they offer local search results to help new business be able to compete with more established business or ones with more locations.  There is a concerted effort for promixity, local presence, presence outside of your website URL, etc.Local SEO Grand Rapids

If your site isn’t among the top listings, there are several things that need to happen to help.   First and foremost, if your location’s information isn’t available within Google’s map listings and all the local registration data verified sources (such Yelp, Hotfrog, Yp.com, Manta, Foursquare) – even if you are not active on them, making sure you business is registered and has the proper “citation” is a quality factor for ranking signals and it is a landscape that typically changes significantly from year to year.

What can you do?  Well, you can research, study and keep up on trends to become your own local SEO expert or find a trusted local SEO partner to help you compete and be found in your local area(s).  Bevelwise is one of the best local SEO firms in Michigan and we’ve been helping local businesses all over the country from all kinds of industries gain top rankings for their most desired keywords and phrases since 2005.  We work with you to define your goals and go after the terms you want and that will drive your site traffic.

Our local SEO services typically include:

  • Development and optimization of site content to gain relevance within local search queries.
  • Optimization of Google+ Local pages, Facebook page, LinkedIn Page
  • Submission to top industry citation sources, identified using industry leading tools that help and monitor
  • Link building from other  relevant local websites and directories when possible. .

What kind of investment should I expect to make in local SEO ?

The invest for local SEO depends on a number of factors but is typically based on your goals and what you are telling us you want to achieve.  The amount of effort needed is based on this such as:

  • The number of locations your business has,
  • The competitiveness of the cities/geography/market(s) you serve
  • The local competitivenees of your keywords/phrases and  industries you want to be found for
  • The current state of your local SEO and website
  • How aggressively you’d like to pursue more traffic and get your rankings up

Typically we do a start-up piece and small ongoing monthly as SEO is never something you can do once and expect it to stay, especially since things change often.  If you are ready to find out more about what the best local SEO strategy is for your business, you can contact us and speak to a local SEO expert to find out more.

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