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Magento Websites (eCommerce) – Scoping Questions

When working with a prospect on an eCommerce build, we will start with all of the following questions.  We use Magento because of its flexibility and the fact it is probably the last platform you will ever need to use for your business as it can scale with you and everything you want to add does not increase your monthly fees like Big Commerce or Shopify have a tendency to do.  Magento Websites are some of the most popular websites out the, can provide enterprise level features and functionality at fractions of the cost.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of these questions or have all the answers for them, we can help you determine what you need and why as part of the scoping process.

Answering these questions (or getting answers to these questions) will allow us to better understand your specific eCommerce needs and help us to Magento Websitesprovide an accurate quote for your project, help to limit any scope changes as the project progresses, and ensure a smooth experience as we build your website.  (NOTE: These questions do not include some of the digital marketing or SEO pieces that accompany any solid website project – they are tailored just to eCommerce needs.)

Existing or Planned Ecommerce Site

  • What is your current Ecommerce setup? What software or service providers do you currently use for:
    • Website
    • Product data
    • Pricing
    • Inventory
  • Products:
    • How many categories and subcategories are in your catalog?
    • How many product SKUs do you have?
  • What type of products do you sell?
    • Simple products ( EX. I buy a stapler and add it to my cart)
    • Configurable Products ( EX. T-Shirt where I can select a size, color, etc)
    • Grouped Product (EX. buy a furniture set with a chair, couch and end table)
    • Electronic/Downloadable products (EX. digital movie or music, eBook, etc…)
  • How will you manage Inventory and pricing?
    • Using only the Ecommerce site
    • With an ERP system or other external software like QuickBooks, etc…
  • Where will your products ship from:
    • your own warehouse
    • dropship from 3rd party vendor(s)
    • In-store pickup
  • What shipping/logistics services do you plan to use
    • UPS
    • FedEx
    • USPS
    • LTL Service
  • Do you have an existing account or will one need to be set up?
  • Do any of your products have shipping restrictions?
    • Aerosol or alcohol based products air transport restrictions and regulations.
  • What payment options do you want to offer?
    • Credit cards (who is your payment gateway?)
    • E-payment with Bank account transfer
    • Paypal, google or Amazon checkout
    • Purchase order
    • Cash On Delivery ( This is heavily dependent on the logistics company)
  • Have you identified what taxes are applicable to your products?
    • US State(s)
    • VAT or Customs if shipped out of country
  • Channels:
    • Do you sell B2C, B2B or both?
    • Do you need to set up multiple price lists?
    • Do you now or want to start selling on other online stores like Amazon, Ebay,, etc.?
  • Customer information:
    • Do you want to retain customer Accounts?
      • How many customer records do you have to load?
      • Are you going to be loading historical orders?
        • If so, how many orders will we need to bring over and how far back (in time) do they go?
      • Search / Filtering options
        • Are there any special search requirements for your products
        • When viewing a product category, do you want your customers to be able to filter products shown by common product features (EX for TVs this might be screen size, HDMI input, refresh rate, viewing angle, etc…)
      • Existing site statistics
        • Have you done analysis on the following site statistics?
          • Revenue / average order value
          • Conversion funnel
          • Cart abandonment
          • Customer retention / frequency of purchases
          • Best products
          • Opt ins
          • Pages viewed / path through site
        • Can you do surveys to get more information?
        • Can you enlist users to provide feedback on
          • Current site pain points
          • New site user experience

There will be more questions and these is not the complete list, but it is a good starting point for you if you are interested in Magento or eCommerce for your website.


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