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Magento Certified Developers – eCommerce

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms used for online Magento Certified Developers Grand Rapidsstore development, of any size, worldwide. Its best of breed status and open source platform has encouraged other software vendors and third party services to integrate with it develop extensions to make Magento talk more effectively with them, allowing Magento to become a vital piece of the online selling strategy of many companies selling many different items while also buildinga community of Magento Certified Developers.

The relative ease ofdevelopment, extensibility and openness of the platform has resulted in a vibrant extension marketplace. This allows store owners to capitalize on the efforts of third party developers by downloading or buying Magento extensions to enhance the functionality of their online store, providing additional functionality such as payment gateways, merchandising management, unlimited shipping methods, and more.

Magento was released in 2008 and quickly established itself as a game changer, being acquired by eBay mid-2011 after an investment some months earlier and it was just sold off from eBay in July 2015.  You can certainly find out more about Magento from their website.

Peter Sheldon, vice president and e-commerce technology analyst at Forrester Research Inc., says Magento should do well under its new owners, who can be expected to continue build on eBay’s investment in Magento’s technology. “Magento is one of the jewels in the portfolio, and I would expect the private equity consortium to not only continue with all committed resources but likely increase the resources.” He adds that he expects the forthcoming Magento version 2.0, which is being designed with more features for B2B as well as retail sites, to launch as expected later this year.

178 of the top 1,000 online retailers in North America use either the free Community edition or Enterprise versions of the Magento platform, according to Internet Retailer’s That makes it the top e-commerce platform provider to the largest e-retailers. And more than 250,000 websites operate on the Magento platform, according to research firm BuiltWith Pty Ltd. Magento is based on open-source software that provides access to the core software code for making modifications.

There are two versions of Magento: the free, Community Edition which most sites operate on, and the paid, Enterprise Edition for very complex sites (which has about $15,000 in annual fees and includes some support, but this is typically for the very large entity with complex need (for instance – integrating with other company software systems like an ERP, complex and/or global shipping needs, etc).

Magento Community Features

Magento is regarded as pretty fully-featured out of the box which is why it makes such a good starting point to then make further customizations either through the installation or development of an extension. It is also recommended to work with Magento Certified Developers.  Here is just a selection of features that make it a great fit:

  • Extensive catalog management with multiple product types, flexible product attribute structure as well as product relations, e.g. cross-sell and up-sell and configurable pricing.
  • Multi-store
  • Multi-website
  • Multi-lingual
  • Discounts and promotion rules
  • Customer Groups
  • Selection of built-in shipping and payment methods, including PayPal
  • Basic Customer Management
  • Basic CMS
  • Basic Newsletter Management
  • Magento Enterprise Features

In addition to warranties and support, the Enterprise Edition boasts features such as:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Abandoned Baskets
  • Rule-based product relations
  • Rewards Points
  • Store Credit
  • Returns Management Authorization
  • Faster Indexing
  • Full Page Cache and improved Cache Management
  • Improved CMS
  • Improved Customer Management
  • Improved Admin user roles and permissions
  • Content Staging Areas
  • Solr Search
  • Gift registry and gift cards
  • Multiple Wishlists
  • Secure Payment Bridge (PA-DSS Compliant)
  • Private Sales

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