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Pay it Forward Program

We want our employees to be involved with the communities we live and work in.  It is important to give back for the successes we have as a company.  We strive to be good corporate stewards of our resources, our time and set examples for others by giving back so that others may be motivated to do the same.  This program is a testimony to that belief.

Pay It Forward Program at Bevelwise Marketing Firm

We  pay our employees to volunteer for 1/2 a day per month at a  non-profit organization of some type that provides no personal gain like serving at your own kid’s school or at the church you attend (while both are  worthwhile causes, those could be considered “obligations”).

Every employee is encouraged to find a cause that motivates them to serve in some capacity and volunteer.  Participation is not manditory, just recommended. Employees are encouraged to share their experiences and more than one employee can serve the same organization and together.

If you have an organization in need, contact us and we will see if our staff would like to help!

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