Lunch and Learn

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Lunch and Learn

Being  a digital marketing company means several things – oneof the biggest is continually finding out the latest trends, tools, and best practices.  This is complicated and time consuming BUT a necessary part of being digital marketing experts and resources for our clients and each other.

Lunch and Learn Digital Marketing in Grand Rapids

As part our culture, we have “lunch and learns” every 6-8 weeks so each of our departments can share their expertise with each other and keeps us up to date on what is going on with web strategy across the board.

Being good at digital marketing is a collaborative effort and the fact we have experts that cover web development, design, content, search, analytics, etc makes this a great knowledge sharing event with each other.  All the various pieces of the digital marketing fit together and the more we understand what the others know and do, the more effective our team becomes.

It helps us all think about the big picture and come up with ideas maybe we hadn’t thought of before then.

We are sure you want to know – what is the most popular meal?  Pizza is always the safe choice but Mexican is a can’t miss option as well.

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