Beer Friday

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Beer Friday

Friday’s aren’t just great because they are typically a payday or signal the end of the work-week. They also signal the start of a long-held tradition at Bevelwise that we like to call Beer Friday.

Beer Friday

Each week at 4:01pm on Fridays our team breaks out the beers (or other beverages for the non-barley enthusiasts).  This is a time where we gather around as a team and discuss what happened during the week,  what we learned, victories, losses, challenges, successes, issues, and and how we can improve ourselves moving forward.  Camaraderie is vital to our success as a team, and ending the week as a team makes all the difference for us—and our clients.  Just being able to “chill” together before our busy personal lives take over.

We like to change it up too.  Sometimes we partake in the standard domestics and other times it’s the most recent seasonal brews or new “inventions” discovered on the market.  We have a TON of local breweries that we like to bring in too – Founders, Perrin, New Holland, Brewery Vivant, and there is even more that we can go visit – check out all of the Grand Rapids area Breweries.

If you’re interested and looking to chat with a team of marketers with a wide variety of  likes, skills, personalities, ages, and backgrounds, join us on Fridays for a brew and some engaging conversation. We’ll see you Friday at 4:01.

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