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How Can I Get Good Facebook Reviews for My Business?

July 12, 2017

How Can I Get Good Facebook Reviews for My Business?

“What does it take to get good Facebook reviews for my business?” — we have heard and read this question countless times. Like most challenges in dealing with digital marketing, SEO, and public relations, it often comes down to the effort you put into it. The investment has a direct relation to the results you want to achieve with local SEO, Facebook marketing, and organic reach. However, you can rest easier when you get to know a few tips that make your work more fruitful and efficient.

The Problem with Online Reviews

facebook reviews - girl on smartphone.jpgThere are many channels for online reviews. To name just a handful, you may need to monitor and manage Yelp reviews, Google Plus reviews, Better Business Bureau reviews, Facebook reviews, and others, too. Your industry and individual business will play a big role in where your reviews happen (and where you have good potential for them, too). It can be quite a challenge to sort all that out, so be sure to remember there is no shame in getting a consultation

From our experience, Facebook continues to demonstrate its importance, customer accessibility, and potential for social amplification. For these reasons, we recommend putting an emphasis on getting good Facebook reviews.

Unfortunately, negative biases are quite common. All-too-often, customers only review a business when they have a bad experience. In these instances, these customers are spirited and very motivated. Even if that was just one bad experience delivered by a now former employee, there it sits for the world to see, often right on top of your company Facebook page. If your business is highly transactional and high-volume, it can also be a bit like whack-a-mole.

But what if you could help yourself put forth a more fair representation? The good news is that you can get good reviews for your business when you remember a few tips from one of our clients.

Tips So You Can Get Good Facebook Reviews for Your Business

We know there are all kinds of articles with advice about how to get good reviews on Facebook, but we wanted to bring you tips that go beyond the hypothetical realm. We have seen these work first-hand. And, if we are being completely honest, we are humbled to tell you that we cannot take credit for all of these.

Tip #1: Get Buy-In from Your Employees

Simply put, you are more likely to succeed if you identify good reviews as a company objective.

Get the whole team rowing in the same direction and give them a chance to make a difference. At the very least, make the conditions right so no one can plead ignorance. As part of this effort, explain to your employees the business impact of a negative review. Employee ownership is essential for impacting customer experience, so be sure to allow room for employee input as well.

Tip #2: Find Ways to Deliver a Better Experience

This one tends to be the toughest component when trying to get good reviews. However, it is most certainly vital. To do this well and avoid tearing your hair out, we recommend focusing on the low-hanging fruit. Find simple and easy ways to improve the experience for customers.

We know this can vary drastically from business to business, but it has to be addressed. If your business is doing the same thing it has always done, don’t expect to get different results. Similarly, if you aren’t listening to the voices of demand in the market, it will be next to impossible to improve your reviews.

Tip #3: Offer Incentives to Customers

First, we must point out how it is unethical and against the policy of just about every review channel out there to offer rewards for good reviews. However, there isn’t much wrong with offering incentives for anyone who reviews your business. Even better, you can make a concerted effort internally to follow-up with great customers, offering them the incentives, and asking them to review your business on Facebook.

Please note though, you cannot ignore the not-so-great customers nor the instances where your business honestly could have improved. If you do ignore them, it will surely stunt the growth and long-term improvement of your business. It also overlooks opportunities to turn a negative or neutral interaction into an one where you can show you honestly care and may even turn it positive.

Tip #4: Offer Incentives for Your Employees

At first glance, this may seem the same as Tip #1, but it is not. You can (and should) have buy-in from your entire team so the conditions are just right for getting positive reviews. However, you should also have employees leading the way, actively closing the loop with customers to get them to give good reviews. This is one of those ideas we can’t really take credit for, but it formed organically when working with a client and it has provided a significant boost to getting good reviews.

Tip #5: Integrate Your Digital Presence

We are certainly biased here because we pride ourselves in the ability to provided integrated, professional marketing solutions to a wide variety of businesses. From B2B to B2C and businesses with mixed approaches as well, we see how it all feeds into your objectives, including aspects like Facebook reviews. However, there are all kinds of ways you can advance your digital presence.

You can try a number of novice-level approaches, you can get help from an agency for technical help, or you can work do a combination of both. If you are good with gradually positive results, you can use content to make the brand more likeable and approachable. And if you want a direct and more technical approach to boost results, you can do something like get a custom-built review page on your website. It all depends on the priority you put on getting good reviews (and the benefits that come from them).

Act Now to Get Better Reviews

We caution you to never trust an agency that limits your options or tries to force a square peg into a round hole. You have many options, and if you don’t have the time to research them, we would be happy to help you sort out the methods that are a good fit for your business.

Just contact us today to explore the right fit for your business as you look to get good reviews and build a more positive digital presence.

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Top Social Media Trends of 2017

July 12, 2017

2017 social media trends

Social media has always been a space of engagement with the objective of creating connections and fostering relationships among people. While this objective is still true, social media platforms have evolved substantially over time, particularly so in recent years.

As a vehicle, the transition of social media to an advertising platform and marketing tool has changed the way people use it around the world. Right now in the landscape of social media there are trends with momentum and trends with potential; we’re focusing on only the key ones and what they mean for businesses and consumers. Here are 7 social media trends that will take place in 2017.

1. Video Content—

2017 social media trends - Video content

Video content has become a HUGE part of the modern user engagement on social; increasingly so in recent  years. It’s not hard to understand why; the rich interactive content platform allows messages and stories to be communicated more effectively with many times the impact. The versatility of video is also very important. With the right copy and design elements incorporated into the video, video can allow you to provide a clear message even when the viewer may not initially commit to turning the sound on. Expect to see more advertising & brand messaging carried out through video formats.

Side note – short videos are very hot right now. People love watching 30 second snackable clips one after another.

2. Live Video Content—

We predict the trend of instantaneous content to continue this year – ex: Snap, Instagram stories, Facebook Live

In this modern digital world of “I need it now and not a second later”, streaming video live is a great way for marketers to deliver new and fresh content to audiences in real time. Hearing and seeing videos as they’re happening makes content all the more engaging. Real time content prompts more comments and unique reactions from users tuning in, which opens the door for more opportunities to give fans, followers and consumers what they want – keeping them glued to their screens…just look at how everything played out with Antonio Brown’s last Facebook Live session – deemed a cinematic masterpiece.

Social media trends 2017 - Live video content - Facebook live

Also, to give this trend more validity, along with Facebook Live and Periscope (among the first popular live streaming platforms), Instagram and Twitter launched their own versions of live streaming in November and December 2016.

3. Mobile Advertising will become more competitive—

Instagram and Snapchat are the two hottest social channels right now (among younger people), both being mobile-based applications with highly interactive and visually engaging formats.

social media trends 2017 - cat gif

As the use of smart phones continues to grow and people continue to demand instant gratification, mobile has become a more powerful and influential medium for sales. You can bet that this will mean greater investments in mobile advertising and creating mobile-optimized designs for advertisements. After all, if mobile is where the customers are at, is there any wonder why?  

4. More E-commerce on Instagram—

Piggybacking off the trend above, after Instagram’s release of “stories” and it’s upcoming release of “live stories”, the social platform has a lot of momentum right now. Expect to see more e-commerce driven activity in 2017—advertisements, product demo’s, and online stores in account bios.

5. Engaging Content is an absolute MUST—

In the modern day realm of social media marketing where paid content continues to reign, it’s incredibly difficult for brands to show organic social content to much of its audience.

Per a Content Marketing Institute report: 

-58% of marketers rank social media content as their most critical factor for content marketing success in 2017 

2017 social media trends - social media content marketing

-62% of marketers say producing engaging content is their most difficult challenge

2017 social media trends - social engaging content

When planning for social, be sure your strategy involves a mix of content. This means providing various types of posts. It also means making various appeals to the audience. Humor is huge. Also consider ways your brand can communicate with sincerity and authenticity, too

6. Social media to be used more for customer service— “Conversational Commerce”

For businesses, social media is not just a marketing tool anymore; consumers are browsing products and making purchases through social platforms. They search for answers to questions and seek customer service from companies in conversational formats. Expect to see more businesses employing online chat support and chat bots to serve this need and make it easier for customers to find information.

social media trends 2017 - online chat support - customer serviceIf you want to drive more engagement and ROI from social media, you need to be more responsive to them. Put a little more humanity into your social media efforts, people want to talk with real people.

This means kindness and helpfulness to the 100th degree. If you’ve ever been to Chick Fil-A, consider following their model of service. Don’t take it too personal if you get a direct message about a customer’s bad experience. it’s better to receive the feedback than to have it going on without your ability to make a difference.

7. Measurement

2017 social media trends - data analytics - data measurement

In a pay-to-play space that was once free, marketers need to put more into their social media strategies. To justify dollars spent, campaigns need to be bringing positive results. In order to make this happen consistently, campaigns need to be highly data driven and marketers are going to need a lot of robust data.

Planning Forward:

It’s crucial that your team takes time to analyze the changes brought to social in 2016 and how it should impact your social media strategy this year. We anticipate a lot of exciting things to play out this year and we’ll be here to provide insight along the way. Be sure to follow our posts to stay plugged into the social landscape.

Need help developing a social media strategy this year? Give us a shout, let’s talk. 

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June 16, 2016

T-H Marine Supplies began serving the marine industry in 1975. To this day, they operate as a family business closely tied to fishing and boating on an individual level, but quite a bit has changed since their start – especially

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